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WATCH: The Top Ten Comebacks of the Joe Maddon Era Will Make You Guess and Smile

I’m still digesting and enjoying the hell out of the Cubs’ massive YouTube video dump/re-launch, and I just watched the Top Ten Comebacks of the Joe Maddon Era with my buddy Jim, who is also here in Arizona. It was fun to sit there with a buddy and watch the games, remembering back to where we were when they happened, what we were thinking at the time, and trying to guess what games were coming next.

Watch this and enjoy, but maybe before you do, see how many you can peg. I could name seven of the ten off the top of my head before this started, but I’ll confess that one of the ones I was missing is extremely embarrassing, because it’s the best game I was ever at Wrigley for.

Oh, I’ll also say they absolutely got the top three right and in the right order.



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